How does WorksheetCloud work and what does it provide?

In a nutshell, WorksheetCloud is a paid-for product which gives you access to interactive as well as printable worksheets and practice exams that have been designed to help your child revise and study for their tests and exams at school. 

All of our worksheets are based on the South African CAPS and IEB curriculum which means that they are 100% relevant to the work your child is doing in class (Great success!).

You can also see a full list of subjects and topics we currently cover on this page:

Our content has specifically been designed to help give your child that extra help and support that they might need. Your child can work at their own pace and have the ability to work on what they struggle with, while being rewarded for the effort they put in. They can study in a way that works best for them by choosing short bursts of practice questions that give them instant feedback, or longer practice exams that simulate a real exam environment at school.

You can check out exactly how WorksheetCloud works as well as all of our cool NEW features which we've just launched here:

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