How much does subscribing to WorksheetCloud cost?

WorksheetCloud pricing is very simple and we offer two different membership plans depending on what Grade your child is currently in.

Online Worksheets + Printable Worksheets Plan Grades 1-9 Only:

This plan gives you access to our online worksheets that your child can complete interactively on their computer, tablet or smartphone. The online worksheets are marked automatically and give your child immediate feedback on their progress, including answers and full explanations for every question. This plan also gives you the option to print worksheets to complete with a pen on paper, as well as memorandums.

Printable Worksheets Only Plan Grades 10-12 Only:

This plan gives you access to printable worksheets that your child can print and complete on paper. You can also print the memorandum so that you can mark your child's worksheet. The memorandum provides answers and full explanations for every question.


You can choose to pay on a monthly membership basis, or pay upfront for a 12 month annual membership.

Grade 1-9

  • Monthly Online + Print Worksheet Plan: R130 per month
  • Annual Online + Print Worksheet Plan: R910 once off (you get 5 MONTHS FREE)

Grades 10-12

  • Monthly Print Only Worksheet Plan: R95 per month
  • Annual Print Only Worksheet Plan: R890 per year

The pricing above is per learner.

In January each year, your child's account is automatically updated to the next grade. So for example, if you sign up a Grade 5 learner now, then in January in the new year that learner will be updated to Grade 6 at no cost. 

If you feel ready to sign up, you can get started here:

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