Why are the interactive, online worksheets so short?

The interactive worksheets have been designed in a way that only around 6 questions are provided for each attempt. This means that the same worksheet can be completed numerous times, with different questions being asked each time.

In this way, if the same worksheets is attempted multiple times, the learner will have worked through all the same questions as provided in the printable worksheets. On average, each topic has a pool of around 40 to 60 questions. This means that a worksheet can be completed around 6 to 10 times before the questions will begin to be repeated.

All the same content is available for the printable worksheets and interactive worksheets. The only difference is that the printable worksheet questions have been made interactive in 6 questions groupings for each worksheet iteration.

If you'd prefer to use the printable worksheets and have all the questions available at one time, you are welcome to do so. Simply select the print icon next to the start button.

Some of our worksheets are repeated throughout the year to help with memorizing and building relative concepts to a specific topic. So if your learner is struggling to grasp connections between what they are currently doing in their homework to what they're being questioned in an exam, our worksheets are designed to help children strengthen this ability to relate concepts and types of questions they will be asked in an exam.

The curriculum is designed to be repeated throughout the year to help learner's with revision and practice for class tests and exams. Although the topics are repeated, the actual content in these worksheets varies and the questions are different.

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